Pennsylvania State Department Releases Statement on Attempt to “Fake” Election Review

Wilkes-Barre-Pennsylvania Parliament issued the following statement this week on some state legislators seeking a fake…

Wilkes-Barre-Pennsylvania Parliament issued the following statement this week on some state legislators seeking a fake review of the November 2020 general election results.

“The State Department refuses to participate in fake reviews of past elections that require the county to violate the trust of voters and ignore the legal definition of protecting ballot and voting equipment management processes. Encourage the county.

“The ministry is ready to assist the county in adhering to the legal definition of protecting the security and integrity of election machines and systems.

“In addition, if you hand over a voting machine or scanner, you will instruct the county that you need to be prepared to replace its brand new and expensive equipment before future elections. When the secretary proves the voting system, She proves that they can be protected from outside invasion. “Forensic” exercises, such as those explained by Senator, would invalidate that guarantee.

“In addition, because the federal government has designated voting equipment as a protected infrastructure, we cannot expect anyone without the required security clearance to be granted the type of access required here.

“We have already seen system breaches in Fulton County and Arizona. In both cases, politically motivated reviews showed no evidence of fraud or inconsistency, but these partisan The exercise turned out to be very expensive for local government officials and taxpayers if election managers were forced to lease or purchase replacement equipment.

“Pennsylvania counties held free, fair and accurate elections in 2020, despite the end of difficult circumstances. The majority of Pennsylvania and Americans are pleased with the truth.

“Nevertheless, a similar move to carry out reviews in other states, led by a very small group of villains who do not try to alleviate the distrust of the election, continues. They do it for their own purposes. And in the process undermine the integrity of the county and local election authorities we rely on to hold elections and pay for new equipment that they would need if they followed. Leave them to find millions for.

“We oppose any attempt to disrupt the election process and use any legal means at any stage to undermine the election.”

Attorney general comment

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro also helped with the matter.

“Although two legal audits have already been completed in Pennsylvania, Senator Mastriano is now in three counties in Pennsylvania to pay tribute to former President Trump and further disseminate false information about the election. Requesting a list of sensitive and privileged information.

“These counties must refuse to participate in this partisan fishing expedition. This’audit’risks the risk of decertifying the county’s voting machines and gives county taxpayers millions of dollars. It can be expensive. Currently, this information is voluntarily requested, but if a subpoena is issued, all our offices will protect the free and fair elections held in the Commonwealth, its voters, and Pennsylvania. You can expect to do that. “

Governor Wolf’s comment

Governor Tom Wolf said on Thursday that Republican parliamentarians are about to launch what they call a “forensic investigation” of Pennsylvania’s 2020 presidential election, similar to what’s happening in Arizona. It’s a shame for me. “

Democrat Wolf is on Twitter, and Republican Senator Doug Mastriano’s attempt to “fake election audits” is not only shameful, but also “a serious waste of time and taxpayers’ money.” Said there is.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, the Wolf administration issued a directive to the county warning that third parties should not provide access to copy or investigate state-approved electronic voting systems or election management systems or components.

The Wolf administration has told the county that it will revoke the certification of election equipment that is accessible to such third parties, making it unusable in elections, and the state will not reimburse the county for equipment replacement costs.

State rebranding Inform, report;

The program is now PAMEDI

As of July 1, the Pennsylvania Department of Aging (PDA) has renamed the PA State Health Insurance Assistance Program, formerly known as APPRISE, to Pennsylvania Medicare Education and Decision Insights (PA MEDI). I announced that.

Medicare beneficiaries in Pennsylvania will receive the same services under the same program under the new name.

PDA’s Education & Outreach Office (EOO) provides programs to help qualified Medicare individuals in Pennsylvania, their families, and caregivers make informed health insurance decisions that optimize costs. We have embarked on a rebranding process to raise public awareness of our valuable services. -Savings and access to medical and benefits.

PA MEDI provides free confidential information about Medicare Advantage Plans, Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare Appeals to help Medicare beneficiaries compare plans and costs to determine which one best suits their needs. I will.

“The new brand provides a unique opportunity for the program to grow, innovate and connect with beneficiaries and organizations. Leverage the new population and better meet the needs of beneficiaries.” , PAMEDI Director Susan Nev said. “We also support our vision that the new brand will be a known and trusted community resource for fair Medicare information. For Medicare-related questions, beneficiaries can use the PA MEDI helpline (1-800-783-7067). ) Are welcome to call. “

The program’s services are provided through a network of approximately 800 trained counselors in the Commonwealth, many of whom are volunteers, through 52 aging regional agencies in Pennsylvania. Many PAMEDI Volunteer Counselors, as Medicare beneficiaries, wanted to know more about how to share their knowledge with others after receiving support through PA MEDI, with questions and concerns about their coverage. started.

PA MEDI Volunteer Counselors receive free training on Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, Medigap, Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage, Appeal, Fraud, Abuse and more.

Click here to learn more about PA MEDI and become a volunteer, or Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm to find registration events in your area PAMEDI Helpline 1-800- Please call 783-7067.

DHS to reopen the county

Assistance Office July 12th

The Human Services Department announced this week that all County Support Offices (CAOs) will resume face-to-face client operations on July 12, 2021.

Onsite CAO Services provides DHS caseworkers and services when clients do not have access to online services, or when they need assistance calling the COMPASS website, myCOMPASS PA mobile app, or customer service center. Provides access to the client.

“We must not forget the services that help them live healthy and meet their essential needs, so whether you access the services directly from CAO or from our website or mobile app, DHS I would like to thank everyone for their patience while our CAO is closed to face-to-face service during the COVID-19 pandemic, “said Meg of Homeland Security. Deputy Secretary-General Sneed said. “Because our clients had access to our services online, we had the opportunity to keep the general public and staff safe from COVID-19 while providing access to those in need of access to medical, food and other important needs. However, CAO remains an important local resource for Pennsylvanians in need of assistance, and we are pleased to resume face-to-face service on July 12. “

CAO ensures the health and safety of our clients and staff in accordance with the guidelines of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Pennsylvania Department of Health. CAO does not have to wear a mask at all times, but it is recommended for unvaccinated and visitors who prefer to wear a mask.

DHS online applications and resources will continue to be accessible from and the myCOMPASS PA mobile app. Clients are encouraged to use online and mobile services whenever possible. Clients can apply for benefits, update cases, and effectively submit documents.

For more information on support programs managed through DHS, please visit or

Pennsylvania State Department Releases Statement on Attempt to “Fake” Election Review

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